Our Vision
We imagine a future where all youth are leading healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our Mission
Inspired by the love of Christ, we build relationships with at-risk youth and support them in discovering their strengths and overcoming their challenges.

Our Values
Christ Centred: Knowing that we embody the love of Christ, we identify with the needs and challenges youth face and share the hope we have for them.

Knowing that empathy and understanding are necessary when engaging brokenness, we respond with love, respect each other’s differences, and offer a welcoming non-judgmental environment to be oneself.

Knowing that we are all stronger when connected through healthy relationships, we embrace a culture of family and friendships, open our doors to inclusivity, and seek to partner and collaborate with others.

Knowing creativity and strategic thinking are required to find success in complex environments, we believe in responsible risk-taking, acting proactively, and being flexible in our approach.

Knowing that trust is key in all relationships, we embrace accountability, lead with transparency, and act in a manner that prioritizes safety for all stakeholders.