Darin Reimer

Darin has strengths in leadership, administration, teaching and mentoring. He was Pastor of the Victoria Chinese Alliance Church from 2001-2008. He is compassionate and has an affinity towards outreach, working with those in need and helping church members develop relationships with the community in a strategic way.


Darin has many years experience as a Youth Pastor, providing the teens with an opportunity to fellowship together through programs, encouraging spiritual growth and development. Combined with this, he has integrated a segment of his youth groups to participate with Native Camp groups. A great deal of his time has been purposely spent in community outreach and event organization. Together with his wife Cora, Darin has also been part of our volunteer group at Sanctuary Youth Centre until 2008.


Darinís role is one of being a Pastor to all who approach or support our ministry.Darin will be speaking regularly at our supporting local churches to convey opportunities at Sanctuary Youth Centre, and to invite your participation.