Our Board of Directors
Carlos Chan

Carlos has been a chef for over 3 decades specializing in Asian cooking. He has served as a long time worship leader at the Victoria Chinese Alliance Church. He also publishes a Chinese newsletter/magazine for the Chinese business community.

He started serving SYC in 2011 and became a board member in 2015. He believes in the power of the good news of Jesus Christ as the way out for a lot of teens at risk.   He is compassionate and has an affinity towards outreach, working with those in need and helping church members develop relationships with the community in a strategic way.

Penny Fenske

Penny is a mother of an adult daughter, a grandmother, and clinical counsellor who has worked with adults, youths, and families for community agencies in our city since 2003 and has been private practice since 2009. This experience has given her a deep understanding of the experiences and needs of youth in our city and their families. She appreciates and recognizes the benefit of the respectful and nurturing approach that the Sanctuary Youth Centre has towards the youth they serve. Penny has walked with God all of her adult life and attends Hollydene Community Church.

Jennifer Gibbs

Jennifer is a married mother with four grown daughters and three grandchildren. She resides on the peninsula and attends Friendship Community Church. Jennifer is an Oak Bay police officer seconded to MYST (Mobile Youth Services Team). She works closely with at risk youth 13-18 years old in the Greater Victoria area whose mandate is to help prevent the sexual exploitation of youth.

Gloria Quarless

..."I met Jesus after coming to an end of myself as a 31 year old single parent of two toddlers. Two years later, in 1979, God blessed me with a full-time program position at the Victoria Youth Custody Centre. He also blessed me with a deep passion for young people. In 1998, after God called me to the chaplaincy, I continued to work at the centre while pursuing a formal theological education. Ultimately, I earned a Masters in Pastoral Ministry, and I retired as the centre chaplain in 2012. After 32 years in the centre, I couldn’t just leave. Instead, I volunteered there until the doors closed in 2014. Meanwhile, my long-standing working relationship with Cornerstone Youth Society led me to Sanctuary Youth Centre. With my passion for young people, and for the disadvantaged and marginalized, I also began volunteering there. I still fervently pray that each young person I encounter will discover and live out their full potential through an experiential relationship with Christ. It is a privilege to be with the young people attending that centre. In 2014, I also joined the board. That too is a privilege."

Our Executive Director
Darin Reimer

Darin has strengths in leadership, administration, teaching and mentoring. He was Pastor of the Victoria Chinese Alliance Church from 2001-2008. He is compassionate and has an affinity towards outreach, working with those in need and helping church members develop relationships with the community in a strategic way.

Darin has many years experience as a Youth Pastor, providing the teens with an opportunity to fellowship together through programs, encouraging spiritual growth and development. Combined with this, he has integrated a segment of his youth groups to participate with Native Camp groups. A great deal of his time has been purposely spent in community outreach and event organization. Together with his wife Cora, Darin has also been part of our volunteer group at Sanctuary Youth Centre until 2008.

Darin’s role is one of being a Pastor to all who approach or support our ministry.  Darin will be speaking regularly at our supporting local churches to convey opportunities at Sanctuary Youth Centre, and to invite your participation.